I am not going to discuss what chiropractic is, or how chiropractic works.


With just a few internet searches, you can read about chiropractic’s rich history and how it has brought profound healing to people all over the world.


What you need to know is why you would choose me to provide your chiropractic health care instead of the other many fine chiropractors available. 

If you are reading this, there is a high likelihood you were referred to me by someone who has your best interest in mind. You might say a trusted source. I do almost no advertising and I am not very easy to find on the web. Almost all my patients are by referral.


All board certified chiropractic colleges teach the foundation of manual adjusting using a high velocity, thrust type force. Over the years I have continued to study and learn many other methods within the chiropractic field on how to best correct and restore nerve 

function, and it’s relationship to the spinal structures.


I primarily use my hands, but occasionally I use an adjusting instrument, to deliver the most precise type of corrective force upon the spine, to empower the nervous system to restore health in the best way possible.



The specific type of chiropractic art or science used will be determined by your unique presentation of structure, neurology and other underlying stressors.



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