Don't Do "Do IT Yourself" Healthcare

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I have hesitated until the last opportunity to write something related to this coronavirus situation. We are all being so overloaded with Covid19 data, I did not want to contribute to the saturation. I have noticed that almost every business is sending correspondence on the topic. Even the company that changes the oil on my car sent me a notice!

So now I'm feeling the need to write something. But I want the communication to be received with the genuineness it was intended. And not just because I was suppose to send something because everyone else is doing it. You know, like the Christmas card syndrome.

I mentioned my dilemma to Selina and she said, "Just say what you have always said. Focus on building health by restoring metabolic balance, and adjust the spine to clear neurologic interference. That is what you were saying when I first met you. You haven't changed, so why change your message now?" It was good to be reminded of this simple, yet foundational message on maintaining optimal health.

Many reporters in the news are comparing this viral outbreak to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. My perspective is a bit different. This Covid 19 pandemic reminds me of the oil crisis in the 1970's, and not for the reasons you may think. When gasoline became expensive and scarce, suddenly everyone wanted their motor vehicles to get better gas mileage. This consumer desire made it's way all through the automobile industry, and changed the direction of these manufacturers ever since. The "mpg" specification became front and center.

The pressing question was, "I own a gas guzzler, what can I do to optimize my gasoline consumption!?" The answer: have a qualified mechanic restore your vehicle's manufacturer specifications to their optimal levels. It's that simple. The hardest part might just be finding a qualified mechanic.

Fast forward almost 50 years and now the pressing question is, "What can I do to optimize my immune system!?" The answer: have a qualified doctor help you restore your metabolism and neurology to as close to optimal balance as possible. The hardest part will be finding a qualified doctor and overcoming your resistance to change. It's that simple, but not simplistic.

My inbox has gotten blown up from so many nutritional companies promoting their immune support products. Some are interesting, intriguing, and tempting. But the right choice is to pick the ones that are right for you. What does that mean? Find supportive supplementation that is in alignment with your biological strengths and weaknesses. How would you know that? By working with me; I'm that qualified doctor.

I know that may sound pompous, but it's true. And if this coronavirus has got you rattled enough to where you feel the need to do something, at least do the right thing. It's that important. Someone just recently told me, along with toilet paper, you cannot find Vitamin C on store shelves. Really.... is that the answer to this pandemic? No!

Ask a qualified auto mechanic if you can solve your vehicle's lack of fuel performance just by throwing a can of STP fuel additives into your gas tank. Guessing and recklessly throwing supplements down your throat in the interest of good health is just not good enough. It never was. And now, maybe because the stakes are higher, more health seeking individuals will realize that fact.

Okay, enough with concepts, what about action steps?

If you have had a metabolic evaluation, continue to follow your treatment plan. The supplements you are taking are pushing and pulling your metabolism into a diphasic rhythm that best activates your endocrine/neuro/immune system strengths. You are way ahead of the power curve.

Can you do more? Obviously, we can always improve our lifestyle with better diet choices, exercise, and stress reduction. But can you do more with supplements? There are some good antiviral supportive nutrition worth consideration. You have the usual players: olive leaf, lysine, echinacea, and goldenseal root. These remedies push in one direction and can oppose our diphasic rhythm. Therefore you should dose these two weeks on, one week off, over time to maintain their stimulatory effect.

I also like monlaurin's antiviral effect. I think for the money and effectiveness, Lauricidin is the best form of monlaurin and one we most often recommend. Take it away from your probiotics.

I recently reviewed a peer reviewed article published in Progress of Cardiovascular Diseases. The authors detailed some of the effects of the coronavirus on our physiology, and the use of nutraceuticals to boost our interferon response. There is a table on page 2 showing dosages. I especially like the use of n-acetylcysteine and lipoic acid as precursors to glutathione production. Some of the other nutraceuticals on that list should be considered with a bit of caution, and will not be a match for everyone. After review, you are welcome to contact me for discussion.

If you have not had your metabolism evaluated, then do it... contact me. If you have had your metabolism evaluated but kinda dropped off your me and I can help you get going again.

Here is some great news this apocalyptic environment has spawned. As many of you know, through a third party representing many doctors, I can provide comprehensive lab work for a fraction of retail or insurance costs. And here is some better news. Recently I applied and got an account directly with LabCorp which will allow access to even better pricing and a larger array of tests. There's more.

I have also put together some testing procedures you can do at home that will help determine imbalances due to kidney/cardio stress related to electrolytes and autonomic nervous system balance. That information alone can be a true game changer with the use of targeted nutrition. Combine that with comprehensive lab work, more than you have ever previously received, allows you and me the ability to perform a functional medicine plus metabolic evaluation within a "clinical distancing" model.

Regarding spinal adjusting.... at this point, I see no way around the fact that I still need to put my hands on you. There is just no substitution for the power of releasing the innate wisdom of your nervous system. It's awesome. I promise to continue to wash the tables and my hands frequently.

You have more options now than ever to ramp up your health with very little venturing out from home. Seize the moment.

PS. Don't try to fix your car or your body. This is not the time for DIY healthcare.

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