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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I wish I could speak cat, so I could tell Pickles to shut up. I know that sounds harsh, but that is how I currently feel at this moment. I am trying to get some work done and he is interrupting my concentration with constant and annoying meows. I guess I am going to have to do some research on this cat.

He is a Seal Point Siamese cat and apparently the most important thing to know about these cats is that they are talkative and opinionated. Great, two character traits I least admire. But it gets better. Also, they have a loud raspy voice, will tell you exactly what they think, and expect you to pay attention. After reading about this breed, I now have a better understanding of his behavior, but I still do not know what he wants.

As I continue to read about this breed’s personality, I have to totally agree with the description. This next statement is taken verbatim and says it all. “Do not get a Siamese if living with a chatty busybody would drive you insane. On the other hand, if you enjoy having someone to talk to throughout the day, the Siamese can be your best friend.” Right now, he is not my best friend.

I could put him outside, but he continues to vocalize through the windows. Putting him in the garage and closing all the doors will muffle his demands, and that kinda works for awhile. But that’s only a short term fix and it feels like a mean thing to do. I know I can’t change him and I should not take it personally that he disturbs my inner peace. This has now become an opportunity for me to better understand my behavior.

All around us, there are opportunities for self discovery. A crucial ingredient by the way, for healing. These healing opportunities are often inconvenient and show up as something we first want to avoid. Pickles offers me this opportunity daily... right in the comfort of my own home. And I’m still working on it. Lucky me.

Here is another example, but with a more rewarding outcome. Many years ago I was in Los Angeles and my time there required a fair bit of driving. I was on the Ventura Highway and encountered a massive traffic jam. This was in the early 90’s and all I had was a few AAA maps. At first I started to get jacked up trying to find an escape route. I quickly learned that this stretch of road ran through a valley and there really was no way to avoid this situation.

For some reason, I found no reason to continue my ineffective struggle to find a solution. In the middle of my storm of frustration, I entered the eye. I took a breath, surrendered to my dilemma, and relaxed. Curiosity emerged. I rolled down my window and started to really see everyone around me. How interesting, the different people surrounding me. We were one, in traffic. I was enjoying myself, totally in the moment, with no-where to go. As a result, I was now-here. Then suddenly the flow of vehicles started and I had to go somewhere. The magical moment was gone.

Did my surrender to the moment cause my seemingly insurmountable situation to gracefully go away? An interesting question for my mind to ask. But worthless because the answer did not matter. The answer didn’t matter, because in that moment I did not have a situation that needed to go away. That Ventura Highway moment became an anchor for me to experience the power of now. At the time I did not know how I got there or how to return. But I knew it existed and I was going to find it again, and stay there as long as I could.

In the subsequent years that followed, I searched and discovered many ways to be in the power of now. It has become the bedrock of how I approach everything. And I am still working on getting better at it. In fact it was Pickles’ incessant interruption that answered the problem I was working on. What am I going to write about? He showed me the power of now, again.

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