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By the time you read this, daylight saving will be over and we will have returned back to standard time. Or normal time, whatever that really means. Did you get that extra hour of sleep? I suspect not. To think we are going to fool mother nature by cleverly slipping in an extra clock hour while we are asleep is silly? If that was the case, we could solve many sleep issues with a programmable clock.

We can’t change our biorhythms that fast just by manipulating our fabricated time structure. There are more powerful and authentic regulating forces that supersedes clock time. They are the circadian rhythms and their influence on our biological clock.

More important than slipping in an hour's worth of sleep time, one night a year... how can we optimize our relationship between health and time over a lifetime? For that exploration we need to expand our discussion way beyond daylight savings time, or universal time, or even spacetime. All those areas are interesting topics to pontificate upon in the area of physics, but how will it help us live longer and stronger? For that we have to talk about Father Time.

As a child, we believed in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause and looked forward to their arrival. We never actually saw them, but enjoyed the gifts they left behind. These fantasy characters eventually faded away with age, only to be replaced, again with age, many years later by Father Time.

Depicted as an old bearded man, Father Time represents the passage of time and personifies time through the process of aging. As an aging adult we reluctantly yield to the existence of Father Time and it's influence upon our health. I am currently 62 years old and I believe in Father Time; I'm seeing him a lot more these days.

The insidious influence of Father Time makes us less bulletproof to the consequences of our lifestyle. When did you start noticing the negative effects of lack of sleep, too many bad food choices, or lack of activity, etc? The onset of this reality varies per person, but our physiology orchestrates it's beginning around age 32, and dramatically accelerates after age 53. Although some people seem to be able to defy getting old. Dick Clark comes to mind. What is it that determines this? It is our ability to adapt to the changing times that determines how long we stay bulletproof against the forces of aging.

When I hear bulletproof and adapt used in the same context, I immediately think of the marines and their well know mantra, "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!" This is the marine's approach to readiness, and how to act in the face of adversity. Fortunately, most of us do not have to face the adversity required of a soldier. But all of us, no matter how strong, will have to deal with the adversity of getting older and weaker. And our best offense against this degradation of life is by maintaining a high adaptive capacity.

So what factors determine our adaptive capacity? There are four metabolic functions essential to maximizing our ability to adapt and to leverage renewable health:

1. Our ability to maintain proper blood sugar metabolism.

2. Our ability to maintain proper oxygen metabolism.

3. Our ability to maintain proper pH in all areas of the body.

4. Our ability to maintain proper electrolyte concentration and movement through out our body fluids.

It's that simple. Having these four essential metabolic functions optimized, will ensure we have a strong constitution and a high level of resistance to getting sick. News flash: Just using Functional Medicine to address your nutritional needs will not yield all the information needed to correct these four essential functions. It also requires a precise analysis of your metabolic patterns. That's why we do a combination of Functional Medicine plus a complete metabolic analysis in our nutritional assessments. Very cool.

Do you remember the last time you bought a new TV? How vibrant and clear the new picture looked compared to your old one? It's not that your old TV was necessarily broken; you can say it's circuits (metabolism) were working fine. It could still project an image, but the picture just lacked a certain vitality. Over time, certain electronic components of a TV just get old and loss their ability to perform at 100%, and have to be replaced.

But what if someone has all these four essential systems working properly, and still does not experience a high degree of vitality? You see, we can have our metabolic patterns balanced, and like your old TV with it's circuits working properly, still not display optimal performance. This is due to the effects of aging and fortunately we can do something about it.

In a simplistic sense, this is what age does to our body parts too. But I suggest a different approach to component replacement. Our vitality can be greatly enhanced just by aligning our metabolism with inherent diurnal cycles that influence our world. In biology, we will refer to this as our circadian rhythms.

For us Geeks, here is a brief description of how the circadian rhythms play out. Every 24 hours we go through a complete cycle consisting of two phases. From 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, we are in what is called the catabolic phase. Over the course of these 10 hours, our metabolic pathways are directed to break down molecules into smaller units, liberate energy, and drive our productivity during the daylight hours. Our metabolism is geared up to provide us the support needed to push against our external environment. Go to work, exercise, drive in traffic, kill a bison, and other fight or flight functions, etc. The peak of this cycle is 1:00 pm.

From 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, we move into the anabolic phase. During these 14 hours our metabolism retools its function to use energy for the purpose of repairing and recharging. Conveniently timed during night time hours so we can "go within" and rest, relax, and use our parasympathetic nervous system to regenerate. The peak of this cycle is 1:00 am.

Notice that the building up phase is four hours longer than the breaking down phase? If it was the other way around, we would all burn out rather than fade away. This an important element when considering your exercise protocols. Just one more reason why the ARX technology is truly innovative.

You may ask, "How is all this information useful for me?" Here is the answer:

There exist, clinical protocols using nutritional supplementation to augment or suppress the control systems (metabolic patterns) that regulate our four essential functions (seen above) in order to restore immuno-neuro-endocrine balance. Furthermore, with the knowledge of our circadian rhythm influence, targeted use of metabolic boosters and antioxidants will greatly enhance the power of our diphasic rhythm, resulting in greater adaptive capacity and vitality.

This circadian rhythm of building up (anabolic) and breaking down (catabolic) is what what we are optimizing when using the Diphasic Nutrition Plan. If this information is new to you then shame on me for not doing a better job of informing you. If you are aware of this nutritional method and not utilizing it's anti-aging power, then what are you waiting for? Call me and let's get started or restarted. As you know, time stands still for no one. And for an old man, Father Time moves quickly, and gets faster with age.

PS. I couldn't decide.

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