Why I decided to add ARX to my office:

Currently I am 61 years old and experiencing the inevitable journey of aging. Along with the pleasures of mental and spiritual wisdom, comes the earthly reality of physical pain and vulnerability. Achy joints, especially the knees, stiff low back, reduced range of motion and flexibility….enough said about that.

At least I have the maturity to accept this journey with grace. But that does not mean I have to give up without a fight. I have studied, experimented, and utilized many strategies on the use of anti-aging modalities.

In the nutritional category, it is fairly straight forward….use Metabolic Therapy and Functional Medicine to clear biochemical and metabolic imbalances...combined with the judicious use of proper antioxidants and metabolic boosters to align with the circadian rhythms. No bio-hacking, just optimizing our biochemical factory specs.

I have always had some sort of enjoyable sports activity or exercise as part of my health regiment. In my younger years, physical fitness in the form of tennis, martial arts, and weight lifting, comprised the majority of my exercise related activities. I use to go to Bally’s and or 24 Hour Fitness three to four times a week. A couple of times a week you could find me jogging in Memorial Park, even in the summer.

For those practice members that have been with me a while, in the mid 90’s you may remember my office on Marshall street was equipped with a complete work- out facility. Dr. Benthall and myself were innovating exercise methods that stimulated muscle growth by integrating weight lifting with attention to neural integrity ,and mind-body stillness. Good times!

Due to the joys of aging, I have had to reduce such activities greatly. I want to stay healthy and strong, well into my older years, but I do not have the time, desire, or in some cases, the ability, to perform high intensity - long duration weight lifting type exercises. Studies show that these type of exercises are the best to perform, but most commonly for the slightly younger group. I look at some of these exercise programs using high velocity weight lifting with ballistic movements and think to myself… there is no way.

After exposure to ARX technology I now say...there is a better way.

You are welcome to dive into the science behind the ARX technology. You may need to in order to convince yourself that a 10 minute workout, one time a week, can provide the exercise you need to build substantial muscle, while avoiding injury. I had to. I did, and now we have an ARX unit in our office.

P.S. If ARX was invented 40 years ago, I would have used it over traditional weight lifting in my 20’s.

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